MacAdvocate customers speak out!

“Robert has been our go-to guy since day one with our Mac Computers. He has always been able to fix the problem and will recommend a better way of doing what we're doing if one exists. He comes immediately if you're in a crisis so when your business is hanging on the line, every minute matters and he is as accommodating as they come. Bob is personable, reasonable, patient and understanding. We have recommended him to numerous other associates over the years, both business and personal, because he is a man of great talent and integrity that we know will do the job right and for a decent price.” April 28, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time
Jasin Advertising hired Robert as a Computer Technician & Consultant Extraordinaire in 1990, and hired Robert more than once

“The MacAdvocate I know and appreciate doesn't do Windoze. But he does a heckuve a job with Macs!!! I live in Alaska but have family in Westfield, MA. It's pretty hard to advise and consult with a dad who doesn't understand computers at all with that kind of a gap. I found Robert Fuller through the internet and a local advertisement and talked with him. He does housecalls, and elders, and beginners, and set up, and...well, he does it all. I mailed a computer to my dad and Bob took over. He set it up, got it running (it was used and might have had who-knows-what mixed up in it) and showed him how to get started. Later on, after a little bit of a honeymoon, Bob came back and helped dad along more. Did I mention he does house calls? He's awesome. Then I came home for a visit - dad is now in a home - and stayed at dad's house. With basic phone, basic cable and no internet I was kind of strung out. I couldn't find a Wi-Fi site to hook up to and timing was too short for a ISP to hook up to. I called Bob...who came over and figured out what I needed (a marvelous little device called a Wi-Fire) and got me up and running. Did I mention that he does house calls? That's what he did and how he did it and it works.
If you're in W. Mass and need Mac help, especially at home, give Bob a call. You won't be disappointed.”
May 3, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Dan Tucker hired Robert as a IT Consultant in 1999, and hired Robert more than once

“I wouldn’t know where to begin, Bob Fuller is amazing, for more than 10 years I’ve counted on him for service and upgrades. But much more than that Bob has given me peace of mind knowing he’s a phone call away, fast, dependable, professional, he always going above and beyond. As a graphic designer my business is my computers, I have full confidence in him to keep me up and running. I feel so fortunate to have found him. His calming demeanor is invaluable, we all know in those times of desperate computer glitches how important it is to feel confident and know help is on the way. I would HIGHLY recommend Bob Fuller. Sherry L. Hanks, Primary Concepts Graphic Design, Brimfield, MA” May 6, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Sherry New hired Robert as a IT Consultant in 2000, and hired Robert more than once

“I first had the pleasure of seeing Bob Fuller’s capabilities in 1998 while employed at a design firm in Springfield. Then when I started my own company in 2002, there was no hesitation on who to call. He advised on hardware and software and of course took care of all the networking. Over the years, as my workload grew, Bob was there to help with the expansion of equipment. Then, as my family grew into a household of five Macs, he was there, yet again, to make my life easier.
I recommend Bob to clients, colleagues and friends for his knowledge, but it is the ease of working with him, that puts him above the rest.”
May 5, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Eileen Ferriter hired Robert as a IT Consultant in 2002, and hired Robert more than once

“MacAdvocate is great to work with. Call in an emergency and Robert Fuller is there to help and work with you until the issue/s are fixed. He has great suggestions and tips to help you out, and did I mention his prices are great. He has been a lifesaver for me.”
May 11, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Caroline Cunningham hired Robert as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Robert more than once

“I have dealt with MacAdvocate-Bob Fuller since 2005 and have always been pleased with his work and performance. Whether it was trouble shooting, upgrading OSs and MACs, or installing new software, I could always depend on Bob's expertise to do it right and efficiently, especially in emergencies. I would highly recommend you consider Bob!”
May 27, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Matt Villamaino hired Robert as a IT Consultant in 2005, and hired Robert more than once

“Robert has the patience and knowlege to tackle tough IT challenges. He has make excellent recommendations in building my system, and he's down to earth and easy to work with.”
April 27, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
1st Jim Bremer hired Robert as a IT Consultant in 2009, and hired Robert more than once

For 11 years, Bob has been coming to our home to help us organize, repair and get familiar with our several Macs. His ability to help and communicate essentials to all ages and capabilities, from those who don't know or don't want to know anything about their computers and peripherals to those who consider themselves gurus, has always been appropriate. He is trustworthy, honest and will customize the best system for each individual's or family's needs. He has never steered me wrong.
Helen Gallivan, Longmeadow, MA

Bob Fuller is the best. I have used his services since 1991 for everything from setup to networking to purchase counseling to "crisis" control. RFE is prompt and highly competent. I have recommended him many times during our association and will continue to do so. Robert F. Youmell D.M.D., Longmeadow, MA

RFE has been invaluable to our family's Internet experience! Our service provider recommended that we contact Bob for assistance with our Mac hookup, He came to the house and made the necessary upgrades to our system. Since then, Bob has been available every time we've had a question or problem. The amount of time and effort he has put in far exceeded his fee for services. We enthusiastically recommend his services. Colleen and Billy Adams, Nate Jette, Monson, MA.

Bob is SUPER! In no time at all, he untangled files, banished freezes, installed memory, retrieved items lost in deep space, calmly answered frantic phone calls, got us webbed and surfing and special-ordered the Right Stuff below catalog prices! Best of all, he talks English at a rate and level that is actually comprehensible to computer newbies like us. He has brought a new meaning to backup. Our thanks to RFE.

Bob has responded to our needs quickly and professionally solving the glitches as they occur. He has also helped keep our systems updated and operating to current standards. John M. Morgan, AECON (Architectural Engineering), Suffield, CT

RFE has been assisting me with my personal and business computer needs since 1994. His knowledge about hardware options, trouble shooting various problems, and software recommendations have been invaluable. I depend on my computer for work and RFE keeps it running. Patricia A. Slachta, Ph.D., RN, CS, Longmeadow, MA